Covid-Modified Rendezvous Planning

Posted by on July 6, 2020

Our annual Rendezvous is scheduled for August 1 – 2, 2020 at our usual site — Group Sites A and B at the Radium Campground on the Upper Colorado River.  We are proceeding with plans to hold a modified event in light of the Covid-19 virus and various requirements and recommendations of the ACA, Colorado, and Grand County.   

ALL is being planned with an understanding that stuff happens and the virus landscape and reopening of activities in Colorado might change over the next month.  The current plan, including a Covid-modified Rendezvous flyer, is now posted on the RMCC website calendar. Additional ideas are welcome!

As we make further plans, including recruiting run coordinators and sweeps, we would like to know who is considering participating, what level of boating you desire, and a few other odds and ends.  If at all interested in the 2020 Rendezvous, PLEASE fill out this brief on-line survey ASAP:  

Whether you are a frequent rendezvouser or new to the event, please read the entire flier, but the following is a brief summary of its Covid-specific requirements and modifications. Please DO NOT ATTEND if you are unwilling to follow these practices.  Liberal glaring, finger wagging, and “tsk tsking” will be employed to enforce compliance.

  • Sign the standard ACA waiver (unless you are an ACA member with a signed on-line waiver) AND the Covid-19 Addendum.
  • Maintain social distancing (6’ apart) whenever possible
  • Wear a mask during boat rigging, shuttling, safety talks, paddling breaks, the Saturday happy hour or any other time when 6’ separation cannot be maintained in cars, boats, on beaches, and in camp.
  • Bring and liberally use hand sanitizer or wash hands (remember that it is a dry camp)
  • To minimize the need for assisted rescue, don’t boat beyond your comfort level.
  • Runs may be limited to 10 persons each in order to comply with Grand County requirements.  See the flyer for details.


Before August 1

  • Fill out the survey or RSVP to participate to Kathryn at or 303-499-1092
  • Make registration/planning easier for us:  Send in waiver forms and ACA fee, if applicable, to Kathryn Mutz, 2990 Regis Drive, Boulder, CO 80305.  Checks will not be cashed until after the event and there will be no penalty to cancel.

Friday, July 31 —  After 4 pm — Participants begin to gather, camping at either the group sites (free) or individual sites (first come-first served; $6).  We do not plan to set up the RMCC tent.  Please leave plenty of space between your tent and others’.

Saturday, August 1 – Check the whiteboard to finalize your participation in a Saturday river run.  The whiteboard will indicate run coordinators, departure times and locations, and will list participants planning to paddle each run.

6:00 pm BYO Social Hour in small, socially distanced groups —  Rather than a large gathering under the RMCC tent, please gather in small groups at the picnic tables or at individual tent sites.  Plan to sit 6’ apart or wear masks.

Volunteer to organize one of these mini-social events to include social distancing:

  • Best Mask Competition
  • Throw Rope Competition
  • Favorite Knot Tying Demonstration

Supper on-your-own or in individually-planned groups (no general potluck or cooking competition this year)

Sunday, August 2 —  Breakfast on your own. 

Check the whiteboard to finalize your participation in a Sunday river run

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