Applying for a River Permit

Posted by on January 19, 2021

The most popular rivers often require a permit that is obtained through a lottery system. The deadlines for many of these permits are rapidly approaching. RMCC has created groups of people who have applied or plan to apply for the following rivers: Green-Gates of Ladore, Green-Deso Gray, Main Salmon, Middle Salmon, Rio Chama, Salt, San Juan, Smith, and the Yampa through Dinosaur National Monument.

If you wish to join one or more of these groups please contact Kit Williams at and she will send you a list of the people in that group. You then send that group the dates in which you applied. The expectation is if someone in the group obtains a permit, group members who also applied will be offered space on that trip. By applying as a group everyone’s chances go up.

Bill Ashworth put together an information sheet of RMCC’s most popular permitted rivers that you can access by downloading the following document.

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