Club Equipment

Quartermaster List of Items

RMCC has gear and other stuff that members can borrow for trips. If you want to borrow something please contact the Quartermaster to make reservations and arrange pickup. 

To borrow the club’s tandem canoe, see the Canoe Loans page for details.

If you have unused gear in good condition that you would like to donate to the club, please contact the Quartermaster or President.  And thanks!

Care notes: Please be responsible; clean and repair any equipment before returning it!

Bug tentScreened wall tent, dome, about 12 x 12 x 7 feet, 20 lbs
Dry Bags– Dry bag, 14″ x 27″
– Dry bag, 14″ x 30″
– Dry bag, 14″ x 30″

– Dry bag, 14″ x 42″

– Perception thwart dry bag, 12″ x 17″

Firepans– Stainless-steel steam-table pan, 1 ea.

– Modified BBQ grill approved for use in National Parks, used with a heavy welders blanket to protect the critters in the ground, 1 ea

Life Jackets– A large Type III PFD with knife attachment

– Two Stearns Life Jackets
Paddles– Werner synthetic canoe paddle — 56 inches
– Resin canoe paddle, 54 inches
– Wood canoe paddle, 50 inches
– Mohawk utility grade, aluminum shaft, 48 inches
– Mohawk utility grade, aluminum shaft, 51 inches
– Mohawk utility grade, aluminum shaft, 54 inches
– Mohawk utility grade, aluminum shaft, 57 inches
– Mohawk utility grade, aluminum shaft, 58 inches
– Mohawk utility grade, aluminum shaft, 60 inches
– Synthetic kayak paddle — 96 inches
Party tent20 x 40 foot tent and poles in 2 bags, heavy, used for Rendezvous.
Portable toilets– Two 100-use toilets
– One 50-use toilet
– One group toilet stored in Boulder

Clean and sanitize after use!  See also the links below if you would prefer to have your own.
Ropes / Straps– 10’, 3/8” poly rope painter w/carabiner
– 10’, 3/8” poly rope painter w/carabiner
– 20’, 3/8” poly rope tripping painter w/carabiner
– 20’, 3/8” poly rope tripping painter w/carabiner

– various straps
Whitewater accessories– Pro-Tec helmet, men’s large

– Neoprene hoodie for under helmet

– Neoprene booties, two sets, size large

– Paddling gloves, size large

– 12v plug in blower for inflating air bags, etc.

– Throw bag
Seats and Yokes– Cane backrest

– 2 Clamp-on Yokes – The yokes are the same length, and can accommodate approximately 26” to 36” wide gunnels with the lips outboard, or 29” to 39” with the lips inboard.

– Wide cane seat (good for a third seat in the middle)

– Adjustable backrest

– Padding for yoke

Other gear– Granit Gear map holder

– Canoe cart

– Set of two water bottles

– Mesh duffel bag

Stoecker Book Collection

  • A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to the Streams of Florida; Volume I,  North Central Peninsula and Panhandle, Elizabeth F. Carter and John L. Pearce, 1985, Menasha Ridge Press
  • A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to the Streams of Florida; Volume II,  Central and South Peninsula, Lou Glaros and Doug Sphar, 1987, Menasha Ridge Press
  • Arkansas River Guide – Granite to Canon City, Colorado; Thomas G. Ramton, 1996, Blacktail Enterprises (about $95 used)
  • Beyond the Paddle – A canoeist’s Guide to Expedition Skills: Poling, Lining, Portaging and Maneuvering through Ice; Garrett Conover, 1991, Tillbury House publishers (About $35 used)
  • Blender – Colorado River Dog, Ed Martley, 1997, Top Dog Publishing (About $22 Used)
  • Canoe and Kayak Trip Guide – for the Central Interior of British Columbia; Northwest Brigade Canoe Club, 1983
  • Canoe Routes – British Columbia; Richard Wright and Rochelle Wright, 1980, Douglas and McIntyre
  • Canoe Trails of the Deep South; Chuck Estes, Elizabeth F. Carter, and Byron Almquist, 1991, Menasha Ridge Press
  • Canoeing Wild Rivers – A Primer to North American Expedition Canoeing; Cliff Jacobson, 1984, ICS Books Inc.
  • Cold Summer Wind; Clayton Klein, 1983, Wilderness House Books (Canada’s North Country)
  • Colorado Whitewater – A guide to the most difficult Rivers and Streams of the Rocky Mountain Region; Jim Stohlquist, 1982, Colorado Kayak Supply
  • Decide to Return; 2 CD set, American Canoe Association, 2007, Walkabout Productions, Inc.
  • Floaters Guide to Colorado; Doug Wheat, 1983, Falcon Press
  • Freestyle Canoeing – Contemporary Paddling Technique; Lou Glaros and Charlie Wilson, 1994, Menasha Ridge Press
  • Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation; David Burch, 1987, The Globe Pequot Press
  • Heads up! – River Rescue for River Runners; 1 CD, American Canoe Association, 1993, Walkabout Productions, Inc.
  • Hell or High Water – James White’s Disputed Passage through the Grand Canyon; Eilean Adams, 2001, Utah State University Press
  • Keep it Moving – Baja by Canoe; Valerie Fons, 1986, The Mountaineers
  • Paddle and Portage – The Floaters Guide to Wyoming Rivers; Dan Lewis, 1991, Hawks Book Co. (Free on line version available)
  • Paddle to the Amazon – The Ultimate 12,000-Mile Canoe Adventure; Don Starkel, 1988, McClelland and Stewart
  • Paddling Montana; Hank and Carol Fischer, 1999, Falcon Publishing
  • Paddling the Sunshine Coast; Dorothy and Bodhi Drope, 1997 Harbor Publishing (Howe Sound to Desolation Sound – Straits of Georgia, BC) (about $20 used)
  • River Trails, Bayous and Back Roads – Louisiana, a dream state; 1984, The Louisiana Office of Tourism
  • Rivers of the Southwest – A Boaters Guide to the Rivers of  Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona; Fletcher Anderson and Ann Hopkinson, 1982, Pruett Publishing (about $20 used)
  • Running the Amazon; Joe Cane, 1989, Vantage Books
  • Soggy Sneakers – A guide to Oregon Rivers; Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club, 1994
  • Solo Playboating -The Workbook; Kent Ford, 1997, Performance Video
  • Song of the Paddle – An Illustrated Guide to Wilderness Camping; Bill Mason, 1988, Key Porter Books
  • The Basic Essentials of Canoe Poling; Harry Rock, 1992, ICS Books (About $17 used)
  • The Basic Essentials of Weather Forecasting; Michael Hodgson, ICS Books
  • Thrill of the Paddle – The Art of Whitewater Canoeing; Paul Mason and Mark Scriver, Firefly Books
  • Whitewater Trips – for Kayakers, Canoeists, and Rafters in British Columbia: Greater Vancouver through Whistler, Okanagan and Thompson River Regions; Betty Pratt-Johnson, 1986, Adventure Publishing

Supplier Links

Portable toilets and bag systems for canoeing can be ordered from a number of vendors.