About RMCC

The Rocky Mountain Canoe Club is an organization for paddlers in the Colorado area covering all aspects of paddle sports from flat water to white water with an emphasis on the open canoe.

The Rocky Mountain Canoe Club is a collection of individuals who share a common interest in paddling watercraft on rivers, lakes and oceans. The purpose of the club is to provide a framework in which individuals have the opportunity to meet other paddlers, share experiences, gain knowledge, organize trips and cooperatively support causes that result in river preservation, restoration, access and general conservation issues. The club offers many different types of activities from casual lake paddling to extended lake tripping, easy whitewater to extreme, and the opportunity to join others on river trips that require permits.  The club offers training under ACA certified instructors and encourages all to develop their skills in paddling.
Other activities include annual video meetings where club members show videos that they have created of paddling experiences.  Slide show meetings offer the opportunity to show others the places you’ve been and see places others have seen.  Picnics offer an opportunity for socialization and appetite fulfillment.
Though the club emphasis is on open canoeing, many club members are kayakers, sea kayakers and rafters.  We are people who love to paddle and want to share what we enjoy with others.

RMCC membership is very low cost so why not join RMCC today!