Conservation and Service

We love our canoeing, kayaking, duckying, rafting, and SUPing. We love our rivers and lakes and the environments that support them. We love them from a few hours at the pool or play park to hours, days or weeks of whitewater or scenic tripping through the Rocky Mountains and beyond. And we even find time (and money) to help protect the resources, to protect access to the resources, and to encourage and assist others in enjoying the same.

The Conservation and Service webpages are intended to be a resource to promote conservation ethics and action, service as well as access. Please contact Anne Fiore at if you would like to see information or organizations added.

RMCC Service Projects

As RMCC members, we have opportunities to combine our paddling passion with service projects.  If know of projects we should consider, please let me know at and we can investigate options and see who else might be interested.

For instance, in May of 2023, a group of club members spent a morning paddling and picking up trash along the eastern bank of Union Reservoir in Longmont.

Links Related to Conservation and Service:

Organizations providing opportunities for Conservation Service for the environment: Service for the Environment.

Organizations providing opportunities for Community Service for under-represented communities: Service For Under-represented Communities.

Organizations highlighting conservation issues and providing a mechanism to take action: Take Action (for Conservation). 

Organizations focusing on water and land conservation in Colorado: Water and Land Conservation Sites.

Books related to Western Water Development: Book Recommendations

Keep our waterways clean! Use a toilet system: River Toilet Systems

Invasive Species Inspections for Western States: Permits and Inspections

Rocky Mountain Canoe Club has made contributions to organizations involved in conservation and service. Details at Conservation and Service Awards.