Trip Organization

RMCC Trip Organization

This webpage gives information that both Trip Coordinators (TC) and Participants should find useful regarding some of the responsibilities and items to consider for RMCC trips and events. The first section deals with the process to support the use of ACA Insurance, and the second helps TCs and Participants prepare for a trip and know what to expect.

ACA Insurance Process and Documents

As of May 15, 2008, all RMCC web-posted, water-related events and trips will use ACA Insurance to help protect the RMCC and its members from litigation. The only exception is the winter Meyers Pool sessions, as they have lifeguards and insurance and there is no TC involvement there.  ACA insurance is only liability coverage. It does not provide evacuation, medical, or any other kind of personal injury coverage. The ACA General Liability Insurance Policy pays amounts that insured persons and organizations become obligated to pay (including fees for defending insured persons and organizations) for bodily injury, property damage, and/or personal advertising injury, subject to the policy’s terms, conditions, limits, exclusions and limitations.

For each trip/event, the Participants will need to pay $10 OR be a current member of ACA. All participants must either sign the ACA waiver or have an electronic waiver on file with ACA. To find out more about ACA membership, go to ACA Home page and ACA Membership .

TCs will need to understand and follow the ACA process as defined in this document: TC Instructions for RMCC-ACA Trips/Events

Waivers: A separate paper copy of the ACA waiver needs to be signed by each participant who is not an ACA member or who has not signed an electronic ACA for the year: ACA Adult waiver  ACA Minor-under-18 waiver. Additionally, there is a waiver/release for communicable diseases, including COVID-19.

A link to the current ACA Requirements and Guidelines for Events is provided here: ACA Risk Management Requirements

The following safety plan has been filed with the ACA and can be applied to any RMCC trip or event. More difficult rivers or unusual situations may require additional safety planning or actions: RMCC Standard Safety Plan

The document RMCC Boating Requirements and Recommendations briefly summarizes ACA and RMCC requirements and recommendations regarding skills, practices and equipment for different class waters.

The document Covid Plan for RMCC Events summarizes and explains RMCC’s plan — and participant responsibilities — for safe paddling trips during the pandemic.

Information to help prepare for Trips

While the following documents cover the basic situations that may be encountered and can help with trip preparation, there will be exceptions and additional needs that can vary based on weather, river section, and other factors:

Trip Participants’ Guidance

Trip Coordinator Guidance (for running trips)

Sample Email from TC to Participants

Debbie Hinde’s Trip Organization and Planning

Jeff Oxenford’s Trip Coordinator Put-in Checklist

Dave Allured’s Ultimate Pre-trip Email

RMCC Suggester River Trips

River Toilet Systems

Boat Inspections and Permits for Western States

Contact the Trip Coordinator if you have questions about a specific trip/event. Contact an RMCC officer for questions about items in these documents.