Do I need a login to access the website?
No, you can view all aspects of the club website without an account. 

How can I submit a trip report?
You can send a trip report to the RMCC webmaster

Can I post messages to the forum or photographs to the gallery?
We no longer have forums.  To have pictures added to the photo gallery, please contact the RMCC webmaster.  Please ask permission from the photographer before submitting their pictures.  Also, comments for captions are nice.

Can I sell a boat or boating equipment on this website?
Because we no longer have forums you cannot advertise on this site. If you wish to sell boating equipment please use the Rocky Mountain Canoe Club Google Group email list.

Is there a facebook page?
Yes, on facebook you’ll find recent trip reports and photos on the club Facebook page ( You can post messages on the page without a registration

What is the Google Group and how do I subscribe to it?
This site is often used for impromptu non-club trips, canoe and equipment sales, and boating questions and sharing information about paddling topics.
To subscribe to our Google Group, click here,
To post a message to all the list members, simply send an email to

If I have a login to the website, how do I change my password?
Method 1
At the login screen, put in your login name or email. Then click on ‘Lost Password’. You will be asked to enter your user name or email. Once you do that, click on ‘get new password’. You should get an email with a link. Click on the link. You should get a page that asks for a password and then to reenter the password. Once you get the message on the screen that the password has been reset, bring up the website ( and login there.

Method 2
First login using this URL,
In the far right, rollover where your name is you will see ‘Edit my profile’. Click on it. Scroll all the way down. You will see this, “Enter your new password”. After entering a new password you must click on the ‘update profile’ button.  Logout and relogin to test.