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RMCC Trips

Trips are cooperative adventures shared by members and their guests. The entire group is collectively responsible for the trip, and each participant is individually responsible for judging their own qualifications, skill level, and safety on the rivers being run. The trip coordinator may refuse to allow a participant on a trip, but the responsibility for judging one’s own qualifications lies solely with each trip member. The trip coordinator also may restrict trip participants to RMCC members only.

Register in advance! Trips can fill up. Organizers need time for planning.

To join RMCC on any trip, you must be a member, or the guest of a member, and sign the Rocky Mountain Canoe Club & American Canoe Association Waivers. Click here to join…

River Permits

Many of the week long spring and summer trips are on Permit Only rivers and the permit request process usually begins in January or February. RMCC often has a Permit Party in early January to strategize rivers and dates for the coming year.