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Posted by on March 10, 2021

Perhaps you will be snowed in this weekend.  If so, and even not, this would be a good time to check out this collection of The Voyageur’s Companion. The Voyageur’s Companion was the newsletter of the Rocky Mountain Canoe Club, until 2013.  These newsletters hold a sample of the club’s history with timeless trip reports, safety advice, useful camping tips, very cool pictures, and more.  They are very much worth a read.

The Voyageur’s Companion had many beautiful pictures like this one from Bill Ashworth on the Main Salmon.
Bonnie and Jeff Oxenford confidently handling Hot Springs Rapid.
Runs that are beyond my ability.

Maybe you have a Voyageur’s Companion that did not get included? If you want it included, please contact me at custer.dan@gmail.com, and I can add it to the collection.

View The Voyageur’s Companion collection at https://rockymountaincanoeclub.net/voyageurs-companion-archive

By the way, any references to rockymountainacanoeclub.ORG should be ignored. Our website is now rockymountaincanoeclub.NET.


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