RMCC Members impacted by the Boulder wildfires

Posted by on January 4, 2022

Many members of the RMCC have been affected either directly or indirectly by last week’s tragic wildfires that destroyed so many homes, displaced people from jobs, schools and medical facilities, and traumatized many others.  Some of our members had to evacuate but were able to return safely to their homes.  At least one of our member families lost their home in the fire.

In response, some RMCC members have donated to relief funds or volunteered in the general relief effort.  Members have also contacted me offering to help fellow members if that would be useful to those impacted members.  The RMCC community is with you in spirit (we have had a lot of practice with ‘virtual’ the last two years), but we’d like to do more.

If you have been affected by the fires and there is any help you think your fellow paddlers can provide now or in the coming months, please contact me at gvmutz@gmail.com or 303-499-1092. I will try to match your need with the resources/skills of our members.  Or, if you prefer, send your request by email directly to the GoogleGroup at  rocky_mountain_canoe_club@googlegroups.com

Kathryn, RMCC President – for the officers and members

General Relief Resources:
For anyone needing assistance with fire impacts, see https://www.boulderoem.com/summary-of-wildfire-emergency-information/ especially services available at the Boulder County Disaster Assistance Center, located at the Boulder County Southeast County Hub at 1755 South Public Road in Lafayette. 

If you want updates on the fires, ways to make financial contributions (now) or donate materials (later), or information on volunteer opportunities (coming soon), see https://www.coloradoresponds.org/wildfires.html

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