After Work Paddle, MacIntosh Lake, May 10, 2022 Trip Report

Posted by on May 12, 2022

     Macintosh Lake, in Longmont,  makes a great casual evening paddle.  Even this early in the season, four club members were able to get on the water a bit past 6 pm, enjoy a relaxing paddle, and be off the lake and heading home before dusk. Access is easy, with a short boat carry from street parking.  With only several other boats on the water, put in and take out was uncrowded. This will likely change somewhat as the weather warms, evening extends, and the SUPs converge. But, there will still be plenty of room for everyone.

     Though conversation continuously turned to the possibility of increased winds, winds never materialized. Instead, beautiful views of Longs Peak were the backdrop for a very pleasant paddle to the west end of the lake and back.  We were able to watch an osprey fishing, with a successful catch, a bald eagle glide close by, and several pelicans and a great blue heron along the shoreline.

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