Brainstorm new trips for 2023!

     Interested in exploring some river new trips? Or reviving some trips from the past? Let’s talk! Let’s research and discuss together. And then we will share our findings–and our enthusiasm for new adventures– with the club at the Permit and Planning Party in January.  

We’ll start as an email discussion group. We can then follow up with a Zoom chat if we choose. We will share ideas, pics, video clips, research strategies, etc. Join us if you are interested in exploring new rivers to run. Also, we’d love the shared wisdom of those more experienced boaters who have done some great trips, and while they may not want to repeat them, they can share their knowledge and tips for others who can “revive” them. 

     We hope to expand our river adventures and maybe even encourage and support some new trip leaders.

Contact Elaine  if you’re interested at: