Officer, Co-Officer, Officer Assistant, Event or Trip Coordinator, and [fill in the blank]: HELP!

Officer elections are part of our end-of-season Annual Meeting and Potluck ritual. We generally vote by acclamation to keep the few souls willing to continue in their position of the previous year and — occasionally — we add a new volunteer. Praise the lord!

  • Dan is currently our senior officer — serving as Webmaster since at least 2017 (as far as my records go back) (7 years)
  • Bill and I morphed to our current positions in 2018 — for Bill from President (7 years) to Membership (6 years); for me from Treasurer (7 years) to President (6 years)
  • Debbie started expanding our Instruction program in 2020 (4 years)
  • Brookie (Tripmaster), John (Treasurer), Anne (Conservation Coordinator) and Miry (Quartermaster/Boatmaster) all joined as officers in 2022 (2 years). Anne also served as our Webmaster in an earlier life.

Is it obvious where I am going with this?

We are a volunteer organization and need members to volunteer to serve as officers, co-officers, or officer assistants — contributing your time, energy, and ideas. We need new blood. We need you!

Become an RMCC Officer:

  • Treasurer: John is retiring and looking for someone to run for this position. He is willing to help with the transition in the new year.
  • All of the other Officers are willing to cede to a replacement or share their office with a Co-Officer.

High priority needs (short of taking over an office) for the coming year:

  • Instruction:
    • Coordinate participant rosters, including the waitlist, waivers, payments, and gear needs for classes
    • Coordinate pool sessions
  • Tripmaster:
    • Be trip coordinator (TC) for old favorites or new trips
    • Assist with the January Planning and Permit Party
    • Help develop new trips/events for the club
  • President:
    • Coordinate with other clubs to organize the Joint Club Paddle (late March)
    • Coordinate the Rendezvous (August)
    • Plan and implement your own idea for the club in 2024
  • Quartermaster:
    • Assist with taking loan orders and arrange equipment pick-ups and returns from Miry’s storage area
    • Administer canoe loans (canoes stored in Broomfield, Boulder and Moab)
    • Help with equipment maintenance, repair and upgrade
  • Webmaster:
    • Learn website processes to provide backup for the webmaster
  • Conservation:
    • Help identify conservation issues and service projects

Please offer to be an officer, co-officer, or officer assistant. We need your ideas, energy and time. Current officers will help you to help the RMCC.

Contact me or any of the other officers for more information or to volunteer. See the description of officer positions for more detail on what we do.

Kathryn, RMCC President