More Voyageur’s Companion Newsletters

Recently 6 more Voyageur’s Companion newsletters were scanned and copied to the RMCC website. The oldest is from 1998. They are a fun way to look at club history and see that the club has been very active through the decades. Note that personal information (addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses) have been redacted.

These are the recent additions to archive. Lots of impressive stuff.

Voyageur’s Companion – December 1998

  • Paddling personalities Profile
  • Gates of Ladore
  • Nationals come to Colorado in 1999
  • Adirondack Racing

Voyageur’s Companion – February 1999

  • Notes From the Prez
  • Conservation Updates
  • Pre-Season Trip Schedule
  • Perfect Practice Makes Perfect (Lake Drills)
  • The River of No Return

Voyageur’s Companion – August, September 2000

  • New President Needed
  • Rendezvous Recap
  • Houston Canoe Club’s SW Canoe Rendezvous
  • BLM, Ruby/Horsethief and Dominguez Canyon – the scoop on poop
  • Downriver Race Results

Voyageur’s Companion – October 2002

  • Wrap-up for 2002
  • Eleven Mile Canyon
  • Salmon River, Idaho
  • Summer Paddling Adventures
    • Quetico Provincial Park
    • Nopiming Provincial Park, Manitoba
    • The Upper Missouri National Wild and Scenic River
    • Lake Itasca, Minnesota
  • 2002 Canoe Experience
  • The 2002 North American Canoe Championships
  • Beating the Summer Heat in Saskatchewan
  • Big Water Paddling in a Sea Canoe
  • Northeast Canoe Trip

Voyageur’s Companion – September 2003

  • Running Whitewater with Sammer
  • Slalom Nationals
  • Grass River
  • The Lure of the Wild
  • RMCC Membership
  • The Duck’s Story
  • Tips For Paddling Class V Whitewater In An Open Canoe
  • Canoeing and Touring Back East

Voyageur’s Companion – May 2004

  • San Juan River; Mexican Hat to Clay Hills Crossing
  • The Summer Rendezvous
  • Dragon Boat Festival 2004
  • RMCC Trip Schedule 2004
  • RMCC Safety Fair

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