Arkansas River and Bluegrass Memorial Day 2022 near Salida, CO May 28 – May 30

This will be an ACA-sanctioned outing/event which requires EITHER ACA membership OR a
$10/person insurance fee. This is a combination of class II day trips and the Bluegrass on the
River festival, with our campground 3 miles from the music event.

See: for the late Saturday and Sunday music.

The river sections that we do will be dependent on water levels, but we are aiming for a few
that are class II or easier. Saturday is likely to be Cotopaxi to Texas Creek (10 miles) with a mid-
morning launch that allows Front Range folk to drive down early that morning. Sunday music
starts earlier, so some people will head to a hot spring and others may do the Milk Run below
Buena Vista or the section just above Salida. On Monday and if we get flows in the 600-1200cfs
range, then we will go from Florence to Pueblo Reservoir where we usually see lots of birds and
may have a few strainers.

***Note that this will be cold water, so wet suits are highly recommended. Also floatation, spare
paddle, bailing devices, painters and a throw rope are required. River gauge for Parkdale is at

Camping will be on Karen's property. There is a Port-o-let but no running water. Due to the
limited number of flat spots, we are keeping the camping numbers to about 8 people in 4 or 5
tents. A few local residents or dispersed campers will be included in the trip, but the overall
limit will be 12 people.
Contact Karen Amundson ( to see if there is space available.